When you sell your home, you may need to refresh the bathroom and/or kitchen. The front may need improving for that street appeal that will attract a potential buyer. The roof may need to be resprayed to make it look like new. The garden needs some refreshing. Whatever renovations that needs to be done, no matter how big or small, RenoStylers will make sure everything is done for you.


Space is always good. When you want to create space we need to clear out the clutter that you may have collected through the years. The team at RenoStylers will work with you to make sure that we make as much space for the next step which is to…


Styling a home transforms it into a must have home. Our aim is to make your home more appealing to the potential buyer and of course to sell your home in the quickest time frame. All this is to maximise the return on your investment. Here at RenoStylers we understand that money can be tight at the best of times so we have brought a new option to do all the work for you and we will collect the money when you sell your home.