Announcement: Launching Ibexoft

As a founder I’m glad to announce the launch of Ibexoft. Ibexoft helps startups to innovate by taking care of all their technology and development needs. Ibexoft not only help startups but also help enterprise level companies to grow their business and shrink their expenses. Ibexoft specializes in latest web and mobile technologies from development to design to digital marketing. Ibexoft provide all-in-one solution that is specially beneficial for startup companies that are tight on budget and cannot hire highly paid engineers to cater their design, development, and infrastructure management needs. We are a team of young, passionate, and energetic Application Developers, Software Engineers, System Architects, and Growth Hackers with a diverse skill set and vast experience across several industries. We develop awesome technology solutions for large and small businesses to grow, and cut their technology cost by taking care of all their technology needs.

Me and my team will post regular updates on this blog and helpful articles for both technical and non-technical people. So follow us and keep up with the latest news in the tech industry. You can also follow us on Medium here.

See you then!



Muhammad Jawaid Shamshad

Founder, Ibexoft

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