About Us

Ibexoft is a cloud based tech company helping startups to innovate and solve problems. This is an independent software vendor and IT services provider, backed with extensive experience and creative strategies to meet the dynamic needs of clients. With our pioneering IT solutions and premium consultancy services, you can increase sales, improve profitability, shrink expenses, manage risk, boost productivity, enhance communication and achieve your corporate objectives efficiently. We take a holistic approach to problem solving – working with our customers to define, design, build, deploy and support custom software solutions. In short, we deliver information to the right people, at the right time and in the right format, regardless of the location and industry.Our IT consulting business keeps us close to our customer needs and allows us to develop the innovative tools that are required. It is the unique insight that keeps our products timely, comprehensive and invaluable.

Our Methodolgy

Selection of a right methodology is essential for the success of a project. We manage client’s expectations and ensure reliable results by opting most suitable development methodology taking into considerations several factors like specific requirements, project objectives, complexity level etc. Whatever model we choose, we guarantee high quality of our products and adherence to client’s budget.

Why Choose Us?

Modern & Clean Approach

 We put business objectives first. They are an invaluable tool for making decisions. At Ibexoft, we understand this and that’s why we work with the approach that solves business problems.

The Best Solution for your Business

We can use our experience and passion for the technology to make it an asset for your business rather than an expense. We collaborate where others dictate.

Ultra Responsive & Ready

We don’t forget you after closing the deal. We believe in life-time relationships. Therefore we never leave you in midst of your business until you are satisfied.

Extreme & Solid Team

We have team backed with extensive experience and creative strategies to meet your dynamic needs.

How We Work?

Conceptualization & Brainstorming

This is the point where our team wave their magic wands/mouses and create your business plan. We summon all of our talent and know-how to create a website that not only works, but wows.

Execution & Refining

Our design & development team brings your business to life and give it a face of website. They slice the designs into HTML and CSS code. The code is then incorporated into a content management system (CMS platform). Here, you can manage any interactive elements, such as updates, news, or blog posts. We test every page to make sure the site is web ready and functioning as planned. The marketing team on the other hand already gets its hand dirty with the marketing activities.


Once everything is ready we Launch it in full swing so you get maximum exposure and can capture more leads and ultimately increase sales exponentially.